Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We are looking for PLM Engineers, Control Engineers and Proposal Engineers

We are looking for PLM Engineers, Control Engineers and Proposal Engineers, people who want to help in setting up this new line of gas turbine package. Our preference is for people with an affinity with and experience in the use of gas turbines. The Gas Turbine Package Engineering is a new group within our Clients Company, responsible for design of our Clients' gas turbine mechanical drive packages in applications within the Oil & Gas industry. They often make ​​use of standard modules in close consultation with the quote department. Emphasis is here in Mechanical Engineering (inlet, outlet, placement, heat recovery system in the exhaust), Controls Engineering (gas turbine control systems usually with one compressor or pump control), Electrical Engineering (MCC, UPS, cabling), System Engineering (auxiliary systems ) and proper handling of the product structure (BOM) in SAP. The task does not include the core gas turbine itself, this complete unit will be supplied by its plants in England and Sweden. Please see the job descriptions of these three vacancies as mentioned above:
1. PLM ENGINEER, Tasks: The PLM Engineer within the Gas Turbine Package Engineering group is responsible for the proper construction of all logistic engineering processes for Siemens gas turbine installations in oil & gas installations around the world
- The task involves setting up a robust and user-friendly product structure management system in which the existing systems in our gas turbine plants in Lincoln and Finspang and our current system of compressors will serve as a basis.
- Here for SAP is used.
- It is essential that for each project, the delivery capacity has been set up completely in SAP early in the project, so that all executive departments work efficiently (purchasing, materials logistics in the factory, the assembly but also our Field Service on the destination).
- Example: if one screw is missing the commissioning may be delayed for more than one week with major implications for customers and Our Client!
- Often our gas turbines used to power our centrifugal compressors which also are packaged in Hengelo. They can also drive compressors and pumps from third parties. In that case, intensive technical coordination will be needed with the supplier of these installation parts.
- The product structure management system will be properly aligned with the bid department, purchasing department, the department of materials, logistics, assembly department, shipping department and field service departments in England and Sweden. At this moment we have several different SAP systems in use within our offices in England, Sweden and Hengelo.
- It is intended that as soon as possible a harmonized SAP system is deployed at all locations.
- The PLM Engineer will play a very important role in this process
- Minimum bachelor completed training (technical)
- Mechanical Engineering Education and additionally Technical Management
- Technical product knowledge.
- Familiar with SAP
- Managerial experience or ambitions
- Can work both independently and in a team
- Is innovative and with alternative solution
- Spoken and written English, Dutch is an advantage

2. CONTROLS ENGINEER Tasks: The controls engineer within the Group Gas Turbine Package Engineering is responsible for all controls for Siemens Gas Turbine installations in the Oil & Gas business around the World. The function consists of all control technical aspects of Gas Turbine installations. This means that not only the Gas Turbine itself (compressor, combustion, etc.) but also all auxiliary systems (lube oil system, gas system, drain system, vent system, fire & gas system etc.) and process systems (exhaust heat recovery).
Most of the times the control of the driven machinery is integrated in the Gas Turbine. For the internal GT controls we mostly use standard control modules as well as for the driven machinery. The interface with customers control system is mainly. Where use is made of functional specifications and where detailed engineering is performed by Siemens (Cause & Effect, Logics, Control Narrative, Hazop's). Candidates with experience with PLC and HMI systems (All Bradley and/or Siemens PCS7) have our preference.
Most of our gas turbines are used as a mechanical drive for our centrifugal compressors, which are packaged in Hengelo as well. Our gas turbines also can be used to drive compressors and pumps of other suppliers. In these cases an intense technical coordination will be needed with these suppliers. The controls engineer is involved in installation and commissioning on site. This in close contact with our Field Service Engineers.
The controls engineer is willing to travel to assist in the start up phase the customers' location.

· Minimum bachelor completed training (Electrical engineering)
· Technical product knowledge.
· Familiar with SAP
· Can work both independently and in a team
· Is innovative and with alternative solutions
Some years of experience within the Controls business and Experienced SAP user.

3. Proposal Engineer Tasks: Within the department Proposals, the Proposal Engineers are responsible for creating GT-package solutions. Based on customer specifications, in observation of the Clients' product portfolio, and discussions about the strategy to offer the team, the best GT-package solution concept developed. This means that the search should be for the right balance between thermodynamics, rotor dynamics and mechanics. Besides developing the concept GT-package, it also provides a contribution to the determination of peripheral systems such as process systems, oil systems, operating systems and the documentation of the these. Therefore a Proposal Engineer is a generalist over the boundaries of the areas to think about process engineering, mechanical and technical control. Together with the Proposal Manager and other people within the offering team, the Offer is created and then followed up. This means attending meetings with a potential customer. And in case of success: the correct way of transferring it in the organization.
· Training on bachelor level, preferably towards engineering
· Innovative and problem solving, results oriented attitude
· Customer Focused and persuasive personality
· Experience with rotating equipment and peripheral systems
· Knowledge in plant and processes customers
· Focus on good cooperation, both internally and externally
· Willing to travel
· Can work both independently and in a team.
· Is innovative and with alternative solutions.
Some years of experience within the Proposal business, or directly related.


- Team spirit, communicative, good command of English verbal and written are mandatory
- Applicants preferably have experience and / or affinity for Gas Turbines or the ambition to obtain this.
- Some experience in an Engineering-to-Order and / or Assembly-to-Order environment is desirable.
- During training, candidates will stay several weeks in Lincoln and / or in Finspang.
- After the group is operational, the candidates will be implemented at regular work orders environment serving various projects in Oil & Gas. This is characterized by a customer-oriented but also cost-conscious approach.

Please send your comprehensive CV to: