Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Proposal Engineer

Post of Proposal Engineer


Within the department Proposals, the Proposal Engineers are responsible for creating GT-package solutions. Based on customer specifications, in observation of the Clients' product portfolio, and discussions about the strategy to offer the team, the best GT-package solution concept developed. This means that the search should be for the right balance between thermodynamics, rotor dynamics and mechanics. There is much contact with other departments within and outside Hengelo. Besides developing the concept GT-package, it also provides a contribution to the determination of peripheral systems such as process systems, oil systems, operating systems and the documentation of the these. Therefore a Proposal Engineer is a generalist over the boundaries of the areas to think about process engineering, mechanical and technical control. Together with the Proposal Manager and other people within the offering team, the Offer is created and then followed up. This means attending meetings with a potential customer. And in case of success: the correct way of transferring it in the organization.


· Training on bachelor level, preferably towards engineering

· Innovative and problem solving, results oriented attitude

· Customer Focused and persuasive personality

· Experience with rotating equipment and peripheral systems

· Knowledge in plant and processes customers

· Focus on good cooperation, both internally and externally

· Willing to travel

· Can work both independently and in a team.

· Is innovative and with alternative solutions.

Spoken and written Fluent English

Some years of experience within the Proposal business, or directly related.

Results-oriented, and organizational talent. - You have good communication skills;

Please send your comprehensive CV to: recruitment.progress@gmail.com